Akgün Filiz

General Manager of Kale Pratt & Whitney

Akgün Filiz graduated from Heilbronn University in Germany in 1992 as a mechanical engineer. He stepped into the professional life as the design engineer for the windshield wiper systems in Bietigheim’daITT Automotive company in Germany in the same year. Moving to Turkey in 1993, Filiz served as R&D Engineer within the body of AEG ETİ. He became production manager in Bericap company, which produced plastic caps in 1995-1999. Working in Bosch Otomotiv in Bursa in 1999-2008 Filiz started working as manufacture engineer in machining of diesel injector bodies and then became Division Manager of Diesel Injector Production. He was elected the Head of Department of the same division in 2005. 

He worked as technical factory manager in BoschRexroth company, which has hydraulic pump, engine and valve production facility within the body of Bosch in 2008-2016. Filiz joined the Kale Group in 2016 as the General Manager of Kale Pratt&Whitney. 

Filiz speaks good level of English and German. He is married with three children.