Information Security

We perform our work in order to meet the information security standards to the highest extent in line with the requirements aviation sector, our business strategies, laws, regulations and expectations set in customer contracts.

As Kale Pratt & Whitney Uçak Motor Sanayi A.Ş.; we conduct all of our Information Security Management System activities in accordance with legal regulations, expectations of all our stakeholders and requirements of relevant NIST/CMMC/ISO standards. As such, all of our employees are aware of the following points regarding the physical and electronic information we have in our inventory, and any information that we process and send; 

  • Such information is to be kept confidential in a need-to-know basis,
  • Information shall be kept in its entirety in full and correctly,
  • Its accessibility shall be ensured if and when it is needed and we are aware how above-mentioned points impact the business continuity of each of our departments and the reliability and reputation of our organization.

As such; we always prioritize the criticalness of protecting information in our dealings with all stakeholders, especially with our customers, employees, suppliers and visitors. We never hesitate to meet the requirements on this aspect with suitable solutions on-time. We know that information protection measures are taken not only with technological solutions, but also with human factor and awareness, which is the main element of information security itself. 

Having an updated and active Information Security Policy document for our organization, implementing those practices and supervising them, carrying out necessary sanctions in non-compliance situations and violations shall be encouraged across all levels of the organization irrespective of time and location. All of our employees and stakeholders are responsible for contributing to information security.

We declare that we shall accord a special importance to these efforts and sustain the reliability and reputation of our organization with regards to information security practices.