Our Corporate Values

In line with our responsible and sensible leadership mentality, we aim for not only production and growth, but also sharing the value we manufacture with our society.

Our Common Cause

To be a reputable group of companies which leads its field with its industrialist heritage and entrepreneurism,
is respectful to people and the environment and adds sustainable value to Kale Family and the society.

Our Values

  • We give confidence
  • We behave fairly
  • We behave sincerely
  • We work passionately
  • We assume responsibility
  • We feel curious


  • To form measurable performance assessment metrics, 
  • To be competitive with regard to cost, 
  • 100%  timely shipment (FAI target date),
  • To meet and exceed customer quality requirements (zero leak, zero NOPQE, zero eQN, ASQR & AS9100, zero big finding in NSE)
  • To ensure worker safety and create career development opportunities for employees, 
  • To practice advanced technology for competitiveness,
  • To comply with laws and investment strategy of Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries. 


To be the most competitive supplier of UTC as KPW with production of high-technology, unique, complex and challanging machining and fabrication pieces.