Human Resources

We move towards the future with all our employees in accordance with our human-oriented management mentality.

Selection and Recruitment Process

We embrace the motto “the right person for the right job” in the employment process we carry out in line with organizational development of our company and the business plans. 

All the applications that are meticulously examined by the Department of Human Resources are determined as well as the candidates that qualify for the positions and they are invited to job interviews. 

The candidates are selected within the framework of the technical interviews of human resources and relevant department at the end of an objective assessment process that is conducted through such assessment tools as personality inventory, assessment centre and foreign language examinations and they finally join Kale Pratt&Whitney family. 

If our candidates who are involved in the process cannot qualify, their resumes are kept in the candidate database to be assessed for new roles that can emerge.

Job Applications

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Training & Self-Development

We plan and put into practice the occupational and personal developments of our employees in accordance with our company strategy and their own self-development requirements.

During the “Improvement Dialogue” process that takes place every year, we prepare Personal Development Plan for all our office employees along with their managers.

The development of our employees is supported with behavioral trainings and vocational development trainings throughout the year. The teaching experiences are also enriched with on-the-job training and “learn from others” methods. 

For the development of our employees who manage teams or who will manage teams in following periods, we provide trainings and simulations focusing on people management and business management under the roof of Kale Pratt & Whitney Business School.

The development process of our blue-collar employees is managed by a training & development plan consisting of 5 levels while our employees in technical talent pool are supported with behavioral and leadership trainings. 

Talent Management

Backup employees for critical positions, potential & star employees are determined pursuant to organizational requirements planning that supports the strategy of Kale Group companies. The chosen employees are approved for finalization by the decision of the board during “Meeting for Future Kale-Mates” and their development plans are monitored.

Performance & Competence Management 

The objective of Performance Assessment System, which is put into practice for the working personnel within the body of Kale Pratt & Whitney is to determine development potential of individual, unit and institution performance correctly, act for development and direct correctly. Measurements and assessments planned to be carried out with this view are associated with other human resources systems and aim to ensure effective management of human resources potential as a whole. 

“Competence Assessment Process”, which is conducted every year within the framework of the competence model determined in Kale Group is a holistic assessment method that enables fair, objective and multi-dimensional assessment of employees by taking opinions of several assessors from different categories. Within this scope, relevant competence sets are used in selection and recruitment and performance assessment processes. 

Salary Management System

Kale Pratt&Whitney salary management system is composed of work ranks, salary market, salary policy and performance parameters. Our primary aim is to reward success with fair and competitive salary policies and high performance standards. 

Work ranks used in salary management system are determined as a result of the work assessments performed. In the work assessment process that is applied on the basis of work content, a system that measures contribution of all works in achievement of institution objectives and enables them to be listed in accordance with responsibility levels is used. 

Following work assessments, salary policies are determined on rank basis. A fair and competitive salary policy is applied as a result of the market analysis conducted in detail. 

Appreciation, Recognition and Suggestion System

In Kale Pratt&Whitney, we place importance on ideas and suggestions of our employees and believe that we will echieve good results with their contribution. Our employees offer their suggestions via our recognition and suggestion platform ‘Castle of Ideas’ and they get rewarded. The system, where the suggestion holder is rewarded as much as the ones involved in the process is followed via an online platform and can be accessed easily by all our employees.

Social Activities

Social activities such as intra-company celebrations, family festivals, sports tournaments (football, bowling and basketball, bicycle festival) and sharing meetings are organized in Kale Pratt&Whitney family every year and people enjoy having fun and reaching success together.